That Sourcing Girl is site dedicated to finding and sharing great talented artisan suppliers around the world.

Basically what we do is:

  1. Search a place with ”Fashion resources potencial”
  2. Travel to this place without really knowing what we will find
  3. Visiting museums, fairs, markets and meeting with suppliers
  4. Sharing their work and the whole experience with you

Next, if you are a Fashion designer, buyer or just a student, you can start from here:

  1. Search for Suppliers based on type of product or origin
  2. Search for specific products based on category or origin on our Treasures page,
  3. Search for fashion-related experiences Around the World
  4. Buy some really awesome samples from around the world on our Shop
  5. Order one of our Fashion Itineraries to explore on your next trip

See below beautiful infographic for your better understanding:

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