About the blog

That Sourcing Girl is a blog dedicated to finding and sharing great talented suppliers, treasures and fashion-related places around the world. Here the focus is this: the product and who produces it, stories and curiosities, source of inspiration and making processes.



Basically what I do is:

  1. Travel to places that I consider to have ”Fashion resources potencial”
  2. Visit museums, fairs, markets and suppliers that might feed the needs of people who work with fashion around the world.
  3. Share their work and the whole experience here with you, promoting the makers and connecting whoever wants to develop something, stimulating the growth and development of both parts!about-the-blog

>>How does it works?

If you are a Fashion designer, buyer or still a student, you can start from here:menu-suppliers

  • Search for Suppliers based on type of product or origin:

Each Supplier gets a special space here on the blog with their profile and contacts. In this case if you are interested on their work, you can get in contact and start a development test and maybe even a long term relationship if everything turns out great. At the end of every work, I invite you to rate the supplier with 1 to 5 stars at the end of his profile and help whoever is still in doubt which supplier to work with.

  • Get some inspiration and information about specific products based on category or origin under Treasures menu:

In the Treasures section, you will find one of a kind pieces that I found in each place and informations on where to buy it, it’s development processes, cultural aspects, curiosities and much more.

  • Search for fashion-related experiences on Around the World menu:

If you are looking for inspiration and places to visit, Around the World category is the right place! Here I share pictures of what have inspired me on the places I go, besides addresses and information about fairs, markets, museums, courses and others.

  • Enjoy one of our Fashion Itineraries to explore on your next trip:
– Coming Soon! –
Custom-made trip itineraries to people who work with or study fashion. Including addresses and tips of what to see and who to visit in each place. Or either which places to go to find what you’re looking for according to specific needs.



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