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Amanda Galvão



Age: 28 years old
Graduation: Fashion Designer by Veiga de Almeida and specialisation on the same subject by SENAI/CETIQT.
Professional background: In almost 10 years of experience in Fashion industry, I already had my own atelier dedicated to custom made orders, took part on a fashion blog with focus on university students and on a radio station column dedicated to fashion. In Rio, my hometown, I worked on highly respected brands such as Casual Street, Animale e Vix Swimwear.
Also had the honor of having my article “Fashion’s Emotional Design” published on an academic magazine called Redige.



I work with Sourcing for at least 4 years now. I was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro – Brazil, where i left behind a job on a fashion company to persue a more fulfilling and free way of living, but still working with what I love at the same time.

Fashion and it’s unfoldings are present in all cultures of the world in a very rich and inspiring way! From the colourful garments of India’s women, to the adornments of african tribes, the Shibori dying techniques, the weavings of Bolivia and the laces designs from Brazil’s northeast… there is so much to see out there!



This is the reason why I’ve decided to hit the road and start my search for suppliers and artisans around the world, to dive deep in their culture, to experience their creative process, to learn a little, to help also if I can and to share all my journey here with you, promoting the work of such talented people that sometimes are not appreciated as much as they should be.

✽ If you are a fashion designer or buyer, working for a company or your own label, or if you are still a student or just a fashion-passioned person;
✽ If your are looking for suppliers to develop your design or just searching for inspiration and information about other cultures;
✽ If you intend to plan your next trip around fashion-related experiences and places such as museum, fairs, markets and many others…

This blog is for you!  Be welcomme!!

Can I help you with something else during my trip? Please check my schedule of next destinations on the footer of this page and get in contact through the email

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