Supplier: Mr Carlos, the tailor from São Luís

seu-carlos-header.enMr Carlos was a happy surprise in my trip to São Luís. I already had some suppliers scheduled to meet that day, when I stumbled upon him by chance, on my first day walking around the city center streets. Well, it’s not that easy not to notice him, as you can hear from the block corner, the loud old songs playing to entertain his day-to-day work and to suppress the sound coming from the machine. Until that point, I thought the sound came from a shop or something, but I was, truly, not prepared to find a shirtless cowboy hatted Mister focusedly sewing in his workspace. 😱😱😱 Amaaazing!

After lowing the sound a bit, Mr Carlos told me that he has been a tailor for about 40 years, but lately he is making more adjustments in suits bought on big retail stores than making tailor-made suits. This is happening, he says, because the majority of his clients are more worried in saving money than having a perfect-fit suit these days. Despite that, there are still people that appreciate the art of a well tailored suit, so his agenda is entirely booked for a while!


To make the suits, he takes the client’s measurements and advises about which fabric to buy. After pattern-making, tracing and cutting the fabric, he then starts the sewing steps that requires the client to return at least 2 times to make the fitting tests: just to make sure everything is perfect. The price charged for the suit is about $200 and he is taking orders now, even though you have to patiently wait for a room in his agenda and have the availability to come to São Luís for the fitting tests. Anyway, it’s a beautiful work with a lot of effort and dedication put into it!contact-seu-carlos.en


Supplier: Mr Carlos, the tailor from São Luís
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