Sourcing whaaat?


Have you ever heard of Fashion Sourcing? A lot of people haven’t either! Inside fashion industry, specially in Brazil, Sourcing is a relatively new field, and by being less known is also called ”International product development” to make it easier. In my carreer I stumbled upon Sourcing by chance and ended loving it! It was the perfect opportunity to mix together 4 things which I am really passioned about: Fashion, travel, product development and searching for suppliers. But Sourcing isn’t something that necessarily needs to be done only internationally, Brazil is a highly creative country and also rich in technology when it comes to Fashion, that is why I decided to start my search journey through my own country!
>> Sourcing whaaat? 

Still confuse? See some definitions.

Accordignly to Wikipedia, Sourcing:

  • Is the practice of recruiting talent through searching techniques
  • Global Sourcing, a strategic intervention which seeks to explore global eficiencies in product development

Another difinition which I like is from ””:

  • The process of finding good suppliers of products or services

>>But what do someone that works with Sourcing does?

In the companies, the person in charge searches for suppliers that meet the requirements to develop an specific product accordingly to Design’s team needs. Also needs to deliver tech packs, is in charge of the communication with international suppliers and for all the steps of follow up process for each product being developed.

What do you need to know to work with Sourcing:

  • Fluent speaking and writing in English (other languages are a plus): for the day-to-day communication with suppliers of all different countries by email and, eventually, Skype meetings.
  • Illustrator or Corel Draw + Excel: for development of precise and clear tech packs, besides feeding of follow up spreadsheets.
  • Have knoleges of patternmaking, fabrics, sewings and garment finishings: to have the skill to make the suppliers understand very clearly what needs to be modified or improved.
  • Availability to travel internationally: sometimes it is necessary to just take a flight and personally check the production, meet new suppliers or deliver developments.
  • Responsibility, agility and commitment: Depending of the time zone, for example across the world, to let sometnhing pending 1 day is equivalente to losing 2 days. Besides that, when it comes to skype meetings, to have the call on their working hour is the same of having to wake up really early in the dawn. The ”responsibility” stands for the great amount of time and money that can be loss in courrier costs between countries when a tech pack in poorly comprehended.
Is this career position different in your country in any way? Please let us know by commenting!  In Brazil it generally pays more than it pays for a fashion designer’s assistant and is a great way to practice your english. 😉 For now, as we are facing crisis moments, companies are trying to look more for what our own country has to offer, practicing national Sourcing. But still, it is a well stablished area in many brands such as Animale, Richards, Vix, Ellus, Le Lis Blanc and Renner!

>>Why a blog about Sourcing?

That Sourcing Girl is proud to be the first blog in Brazil -maybe even the world- dedicated exclusively to the theme Fashion and Travel with the distinguished look of Sourcing: more focused on the product, who makes it and how they make it.

The blog idea came up from the will of experiencing Sourcing in practice, less on the office and more on the world! Came up from the necessity of following a more free way of living. From the satisfaction in connecting suppliers with designers and buyers (having their own brand or working for a company) stimulating the growth of both parts. And mostly, for the relevance of recognising talents and promoting people that, many times, are not as appreciated as they should be, but are truly necessary for a runaway show to happen, for the clothes to be in the store and for millions of people to be posting their ”look of the day” on the social medias now.

>>And who is this blog for?

This blog is for the fashion buyer that searches for unique products and new suppliers.
Is for the artisan or any other supplier that wants to promote their work and expand their business.
Is for the fashion student and for the designer that seek for inspiration or have curiosity in the making process of an specific product.
It’s for the curious and passioned about travelling the world and Fashion.
Sourcing whaaat?
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