Supplier: Legep, the largest minerals store of Latin America

supplier-header.enLEGEP has more than 40 years of history and the shop in Rio de janeiro is simply the largest minerals store in Latin America. Maybe this isn’t any news for the city residents, but it’s for sure a great finding for those who didn’t know about this place yet (and heaven for those who love rocks and stones!🙋🏻).

The company was founded in 1970, at the time they just started polishing some qualities of rocks as amethist and agate, which was extracted from their own mines on the south of the country. Today, besides the factory, they have 3 stores in Brazil (Rio, São Paulo e Rio Grande do Sul) where they sell in retail, wholesale and export to several countries at very competitive prices.

The minerals, which come from different places across the country (and some are also imported), are found in a huge variety of shapes, types and qualities, from semi-precious raw stones to polished and rare gems. The polishing of the rocks are made on their factory at the South of the country and then are distributed to the stores. As for gems cut, it is made externally.

When it comes to prices, the variety is also big. Each piece have a sticker identifying the stone’s quality, this way it is easier to find on the lists, attached to the shelves, the corresponding price. This pendent below, for example, costed less than a $1 accordingly to the sticker.


In Rio’s store you can also find a huge space with supplies for accessories making such as: pendents, beads, wires, closures and much more. As for the services, it is possible to have your piece already pierced on the same day and if you need something more specific such as custom made designs, the store offers the service of a designer to help on your needs. In the case of fine jewellery making, even though they do not offer this kind of service, you can always leave the store with your chosen gem and the contact of a goldsmith.


For the above project, a maid of honor dress, I used a green Agate slice of about 7cm that costed me no more than $1.50 without counting the hole, that was necessary to sew the stone to the dress.



Supplier: Legep, the largest minerals store of Latin America
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